Dukes of Chutney is John Paul Jones and Dustin Lynn. Elle P. contributes her triptych mantras and melodies to each of the dark, psycho-tropical jams of the California born brothers from other cosmic mothers who met surfing over a decade ago. Conjuring up a wild combo of Grace Jones, Meredith Monk and Trish Keenan, Elle channels these articulate spirits through her own multi-tracking vocal technique.

Featuring at least one film maker to the fashion houses and one performance artist, the Dukes of Chutney title track from their Domino EP has a lot of things going on with it. But then two threads soon become a bunch, all of which sound good, acclimatising its listener to a warm bath of funk rhythm and liquid ambience transmitted from a nebulous location.Domino“ deviates slightly from the dancefloor conventions of the Beats In Space releases before it, but also transports the listener to the most serene and psychedelic catalog setting so far.“ (RVNG INTL.)

„What a debut it is! Coming across like The Knife playing about with a vocoder, the insouciant ,Smiling Cheshire‘ is probably one of the more accessible moments from the cosmic cads on this EP.“ (JUNO PLUS)

BEST SINGLES OF 2013! Laurie Anderson via Julia Holter and Grimes“.

                                                                                                     TESTPRESSING LONDON                          

„Contemplative, wind-shuffling-palm-trees feel. Could zone out forever to this record!“.

                                                                                                                  THE FADER     

Great work tunes to get the creative juices flowing, or to enhance your already altered state.“ (INDOEK)

/DOMINO EP‘ BeatsInSpaceRecords 011 new york ///

                              via rvng intl. UK

balanced mixture of many disciplines

globally foraged ingredients

multi-tracking vocal technique.

Jones, Lynn and P

triptych mantras and melodies

psycho-tropical jams


Vibrierende Bassbetten, dreamy Singsang, schnurgerade Taktung.

Die fünf Tracks fühlen sich an wie ein Fiebertraum. Oder ein Ausflug in den Regenwald. Die schwüle Dichte der Tracks macht einen ganz schummrig im Kopf. “The Smiling Cheshire” ist mehr noch für die Tanzfläche gedacht, danach geht es mit “Jan’s Bellski” und dem Titeltrack “Domino” raus auf die frisch gemähte Wiese zum An-die-Hände-fassen und Barfußlaufen.

Herrlich verträumt und hazy. De:Bug Magazin

         Dukes of Chutney – Domino Ep (Beats in Space)           


Dukes  of Chutney

... besteht aus John Paul Jones und Dustin Lynn. In der Sängerin Elle P. haben sie zudem eine Stimme gefunden, die auf allen Tracks zu hören ist und sie durch rätselhafte Präsenz unverwechselbar macht. Beats In Space hat ihr Debüt veröffentlicht. Die fünf Tracks der „Domino EP“ sind pure Surferseeligkeit, durchzogen von found sounds und field recordings. Psychotropical Listening!

Dukes x Karl collab for #Chanel #CruiseCollection 2015 #FashionShow on a private island in #Dubai...

Dukes kicking off the Chanel Dubai Show


„Each 12“ features artwork by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, the London via South Africa duo known for politically challenging and subverting the topical photo medium.“

Musikexpress  Januar /2014

5 ★★★★★ star-rating!


Beats in Space Records NYC

„Atmosphärische, bisweilen abstrakte so-etwas-Ähnliches-wie-Dream-Pop-Musik-nur ganz anders.“

Elle P. singing ‘Domino‘ across the catwalk along with Dukes of Chutney at the Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cruise Collection

Dubai 2014/2015

Coming April 15th 2016:

Beats In Space releases compilation BIS: 001 – 020 featuring two jams from Domino EP.


New York City, summer 2012.

Tim Sweeney's NYC 'Beats In Space Radio Show' hosting

Dukes of Chutney & Elle P. with Chimps in Acapulco.

Listen to this lovely croosing mix including some brandnew songs.

                                    You, Me, The Chimp and Acapulco



Chesire feat Elle P. 



Elle P. shuffling with Dukes of Chutney along the catwalk at the

#Karllagerfeld #Chanel #cruisecollection

Dubai 2014/2015


“Eclectic perfection. Sonic aesthetic mastery… Euphoric, drifty, and carrying an experimental dub undertone in many cases.  #dope  …super chill, even when aggressive and upbeat.  …Love it.“

                                      TOM CROOSE                                                                                                                


Cruising with Vanessa Paradis, Benjamin Biolay, Freida Pinto, Janelle Monáe & Tilda Swinton ...

Beats In Space 15th Anniversary mix cd + triple vinyl is out now!https://soundcloud.com/republicofmusic/dukes-of-chutney-jans-bellskipedrodollar-remix

Elle P. singing ‘Domino‘ across the catwalk along with Dukes of Chutney at the Karl Lagerfeld Chanel Cruise Collection

Dubai 2014/2015